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    Ana Marusic

    The 8th Peer Review Congress has just started. You can follow the Congress at #PRC8 on Twitter, and the live stream is available at PRC YouTube site. You can send questions, too.

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    Ana Marusic

    Interesting study from Nature on author choices of single blind and double blind peer review. Big names and big countries prefer single-blind peer review, and (scientifically) smaller countries choose double peer review more often. No difference in gender.
    Interesting data and also expected, knowing the geographical bias in peer review.
    What do you think? What is your experience?

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    Duncan Nicholas

    I have been following! Hope you’re enjoying it.

    Plenty of tweets coming to get a nice idea of the presentations – and the videos on youtube are great.

    Saw a lot of interesting slides from the peer review biases session, and the YODA project on data sharing. I have seen so many presentations on the history of peer review I thought I wouldn’t need to follow another one, but Aileen added some interesting perspective.

    Would love to go to those meetings one day.

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    Pippa Smart

    Some really interesting talks and posters. Things that caught my eye:
    1: abuse of reviewer confidentiality assumptions – Discussing articles with colleagues, Changing own research because of reading submission, etc.
    2: authors admitting to suggesting fake reviewers!
    3: research showing that using cascading and portable review reduces time to publish and doesn’t affect quality
    4: geographical distribution of reviewers correlates with location of EiC (COI statement, this was my poster)

    Lots going on.

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