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How many reviewers to invite?

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    Pippa Smart

    The EASE discussion list had a great conversation about inviting lots of (=too many) reviewers because so few actually respond/agree to review. But this creates a lot of invitations and so a lot of people saying “no” more often because they feel bombarded with invitations. What do you think? What does your journal do?

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    Ana Marusic

    Difficult question. Depends on the topic and the knowledge of the field by the editors. I don’t think there is a best way to address this problem. Summer months may be very difficult for editors.

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    Pippa Smart

    I can’t help thinking that asking lots of people clutters their email and increases the likelihood of refusals. However, I appreciate that only asking 2 at a time (assuming you need 2 reports) can lead to long delays as people say “no” and you have to move onto the next person.
    On balance I would only condone asking, say, 1.5x the number of reports you need (e.g. Asking 3 if you need 2, etc.)

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