Organisation and Administration

EASE is managed by a Council that is elected every three years.  Council is responsible for promoting EASE, initiating services and activities of interest to members, coordinating the various activities, setting the budget, recruiting new members, liaising with other organizations regarding matters of science editing and publishing, and seeking opportunities for partnerships that strengthen EASE and science editing in general. 

Council appoints Committees for specific objectives, such as the Programme Committee which organises the EASE Conference: members of these Committees may be, but are not necessarily, members of Council. 

The Editorial Board is responsible for producing European Science Editing, as well as for managing the EASE Forum and EASE news blog and bookshelf.

All EASE activities are supported by the Secretary - a part-time paid position.

Council and the various Committees meet in person once per year but most business is conducted by email and by telephone conference.

EASE holds an Annual General Meeting: the President's Report to the 2012 AGM may be viewed here by EASE members. 

Click on these links for details of each Committee:

Council 2012-2015

Editorial Board