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The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) is an internationally oriented community of individuals from diverse backgrounds, linguistic traditions and professional experience who share an interest in science communication and editing. We welcome members from every corner of the world

EASE offers the opportunity to stay abreast of trends in the rapidly changing environment of scientific publishing, whether traditional or electronic. As an EASE member you can sharpen your editing, writing and thinking skills, broaden your outlook through encounters with people of different backgrounds and experience, or deepen your understanding of significant issues and specific working tools. Finally, in EASE we have fun and enjoy learning from each other whilst upholding the highest standards.


History of EASE

EASE was formed in May 1982 at Pau, France, from the European Life Science Editors' Association (ELSE) and the European Association of Earth Science Editors (Editerra) (see the Photo Gallery). A detailed description of Editerra and its amalgamation with ELSE has been written by John Glen.

The predecessor of our journal: the twice-yearly newsletter of Editerra, entitled Earth Science Editing, first published in 1975ELSE was known first under the unwieldy name "European Association of Editors of Biological Periodicals" and came into being in 1968, with encouragement from UNESCO.  Luckily the name was changed to ELSE at the first General Assembly in 1970. Editerra (born 1968, also with UNESCO encouragement) and ELSE soon began to cooperate closely. The first joint meeting, a workshop on typesetting and printing, was held at the Royal Society and the London College of Printing in 1975 and was reported in Earth Science Editing No. 2 in February 1976. 

In 1977, Earth Science Editing was renamed as Earth and Life Science Editing. In 1986, with issue 27, it became European Science Editing, as we know it today.The first issue of Editerra's publication, Earth Science Editing, was published in 1975. This newsletter appeared twice a year (three times a year from 1981), By 1977 the newsletter became Earth & Life Science Editing, with the words "and the European Life Science Editors' Association" being added to the subtitle "newsletter of the European Association of Earth Science Editors" in 1978. Earth & Life Science Editing  changed its title to European Science Editing with issue no. 27 and at the same time became a bulletin instead of a newsletter. From 1997 the bulletin was published with volume numbers and continuous pagination for the year.  From 2001 the bulletin appeared four times a year and in 2002 it became a journal instead of a bulletin or newsletter.

Nancy Morris, Secretary of Editerra from almost the beginning, was responsible for many of the first reports of meetings that were so important in the early issues of Earth Science Editing. In 1977 she became Secretary of ELSE too. Nancy was one of the prime movers in the discussions on amalgamation. As well as reports of meetings she contributed poems to the bulletin/newsletter between 1978 and 1983. Nancy still lives in Surrey and should reach the age of 100 in May 2012.

 A detailed History of EASE has been compiled by Maeve O'Connor and may be downloaded from the bottom of this page.  

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