Welcome to EASE

The European Association of Science Editors (EASE) is a non-profit membership organisation for people interested in science communication and editing. Founded in 1982, in France, EASE now has an international membership from diverse backgrounds and professional experience.

EASE has about 550 members who live in more than 50 countries, not only in Europe but also in other parts of the world. Members work in many disciplines and trades. The association offers the opportunity to stay abreast of trends in the rapidly-changing environment of scientific publishing, whether traditional or electronic. As an EASE member, you can sharpen your editing, writing and thinking skills; broaden your outlook through encounters with people of different backgrounds and experience, or deepen your understanding of significant issues and specific working tools. Finally, in EASE we have fun and enjoy learning from each other while upholding the highest standards.

The benefits of membership include the quarterly in-house Journal European Science Editing and other publications, networking opportunities, free advertising on the EASE website and discounts on software. Special rates are available for students and retired members and we also run a Sponsored Members Scheme.

A Quick Guide to the work of EASE and its various publications is available here.

EASE Publications

For all EASE members: the quarterly in-house European Science Editing Journal (in print and online).

For journal editors: the Science Editors' Handbook (2nd Edition), which is free (online) for members. Print copies can be ordered through the EASE web shop for £24.99 plus postage.Not sure if it's for you? The Table of Contents is available online.

For author's editors and translators: EASE Guidelines for Authors and Translators of Scientific Articles to be Published in English (online and in print). Updated versions of the Guidelines were published in June 2014 and have been translated into 22 languages.

For authors: the EASE Toolkit for Authors (online only)